31st March
written by admin

With the parts in hand, and the site approved by the inspector and utilities locator, our next step is to install the conduit in the ditch we dug, and then the meter base for our permanent power. I hope to wrap that up by midday Friday (weather permitting).

31st March
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It is our intent to share with the public what products really worked well for us.
This is an open project.  We want others to learn from our experience.

If you have a product/service that you feel might fit in with this project we are open to ideas. Feel free to submit your rough idea on what you would be willing to offer in exchange for a sponsorship.

We are willing to consider any ideas.  email  info[at]

We’d like to thank our first sponsor: Renick Millworks for coming on board with their awesome flooring.  They manufacture antique reclaimed flooring, as well as new stock wide plank flooring.

30th March
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My dad and I stopped by State Electric (and our local big box for some quickrete this evening) to pick up the stuff we needed to install our electric service for the house. (he is also installing service for a project that he has in the works now too.)

We are installing a permanent pedestal, instead of temporary service, so that we don’t have to redo it later. We’ll save a few hundred bucks doing it that way.
(Thanks “pops” for the good advice, and thanks for the freebie. My dad also had approx. 45′ of conduit he salvaged in the past to go in the ditch.)

that’s all for now

29th March
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We got the ok to dig after a site inspection today. In our state if you dig before you call the inspectors and you damage a utility, you are liable. So like a good boy I called them on fri. They showed up today and marked the site “ok”. So I promptly stuck a shovel in my teeth and dug for all I was worth. (Either that, or I hopped on our kubota B21 and dug it like a normal person would).

I dug the ditch for the entrance cable for our underground service power cable.

28th March
written by admin

Finding an engineer to take this project on is quite an endeavor.

We found a bridge engineer that works for the state who has offered to share some tips with us in an unofficial capacity.
In the end I will be building it, and we will be living in it. We don;t want to take any risks with the build, nor do we want to overbuild.

Looking for an engineer crazy enough to take this project on.



an open (owner build) project

June 2022